A better patient experience means better recruitment and retention.

We make it possible for every applicant and participant to have a concierge at every step of their journey.

A portal for your trials.

Automatically match applicants to other trials in your portfolio that they may qualify for. Reach out to previously disqualified applicants who qualify after protocol change.

Never lose an interest applicant again with 24/7 live chat support. The Clara team holds your applicants' hands each step of the way as they apply, enroll, and finish your study. 

Live applicant support

Save your team administrative time and effort. Digital pre-screen and follow-up surveys, HIPAA-compliant messaging, and online informed consent forms means less time on the phone for your team.

Digital screening + forms

A concierge for every applicant and participant.

Increase enrollment rates by making it easier to connect with your trial.

Patient-centric study pages

Provide best-in-class patient experiences with Clara pages. Mobile-friendly design, frictionless application flows, and layout that makes important details easy to find all help turn audience interest in action.

Respond instantly to applicants. Automate responses and outreach to keep applicants engaged. All through our team and platform.

Tools for faster response.

24/7 live support for your applicants and participants. Ensure travel, lodging, payment, and other logistics are handled, every single time, for all participants. 

ClaraCare concierge services.

Robust applicant and participant service.

Clara helps your team provide all applicants and participants robust support at each step of their study experience.

Patient-centricity. Data-tized.

Turn patient feedback into actionable information. 

The Breakthrough Crew's patient experts and healthcare professionals help bring patient insight into your trial and outreach design.

Your research is on the cutting-edge.

Your recruitment should be, too.

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