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WHITEPAPER: Patient Centricity in the Era of Decentralized Trials

Why Decentralization Is The Future Of Clinical Trials

Practical applications for

How To Decentralize Your Clinical Trial In 2021

Get key tools to utilize in your decentralization strategy to help accelerate recruitment and retention in the age of COVID-19.

How Decentralized Trials
Increase Recruitment & Retention

Powerful patient stories that illustrate barriers to recruitment and retention when a trial is not decentralized.

How To Leverage Technology
To Increase Trial Acceleration
Learn how leveraging technology lead to a 2x increase in acceleration of Amylyx's ALS trial.

Download the FREE Whitepaper and see how decentralizing your clinical study can accelerate recruitment and increase retention!

Trial Decentralization Is No Longer An Option, It's A Necessity.

What are the consequences when you don't decentralize your clinical trial? Patients suffer, recruitment timelines fall off track, and retention goes down. Don't get left behind.

Download Patient Centricity in the Era of Decentralized Trials to set a winning recruitment and retention strategy for 2021

Virtually reach, enroll, and retain more patients with Clara Health.

Step beyond the reach of sites and bring your trial directly to diverse patients looking for new solutions.

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