Are you or your child living with juvenile idiopathic arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis? 

Have you ever felt like the diagnosis wasn’t quite right?

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Farber disease is often misdiagnosed as a form of arthritis.  

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About Farber Disease

Farber disease is a rare disease that is commonly misdiagnosed as juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) and other similar conditions. 

Enzyvant is dedicated to developing therapies for rare conditions like Farber disease. With a world-class roster of researchers and patient advocates, Enzyvant is leading the way in breakthrough research for people living with these diseases.

Here at Clara Health, we're partnering with Enzyvant to help spread the word about Farber disease and accelerate the pathway to new treatments for patients who need it most. 

Know your diagnosis.

Farber disease is often misdiagnosed. Together, Clara Health and Enzyvant are spreading awareness about the common symptoms of this rare condition.

These signs may indicate that you or your child have signs of Farber disease.

Joint inflammation

A weakened voice

If you show signs of Farber disease, our expert team can help you take the next steps.

Small lumps under the skin and in other tissues




Every second counts.

Find out now if you or your child have experienced the symptoms of Farber disease.

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