Get diverse prescreened leads, simplify patient follow-ups, and manage your pipeline so you can track and reply to candidates in minutes.

Help patients enroll in your clinical trials.


Easy to find, easy to understand

Clara consults with your team to create an engaging, patient-friendly listing that showcases what’s important to patients of all backgrounds in clear, easy-to-understand terms.

Clara pre-screens and guides patients step-by-step through a simple application process so that they never feel lost. We even send automated follow-up information on your behalf.

Clear next steps

Clara sends reminders to patients and your team to notify them about upcoming appointments, ensuring that your participant retention stays optimized throughout your study.

Automated notifications

Clara’s easy-to-use pipeline management tool organizes all the details you need about each patient - medical profiles, conversation logs, and needed next steps - at your fingertips.

Stay on top of it all

Modern patients expect a modern process

Our team spent years working directly with thousands of patients to help them understand and access clinical trials, from starting a search all the way through enrollment. We saw the same barriers preventing qualified patients from enrolling over and over again. Slowing study accrual and restricting diversity in the recruited population.

Here’s how we fixed it.

What patients are saying

Becki Parker, artist and writer living with IBD

“Clara Health made my search for a clinical trial stress-free. They are thorough, kind, and diligent; they truly put my mind at ease.”

Chanel White, scleroderma patient advocate

“As a patient, and clinical trial participant, I firsthand experienced the desperate need for a simplified platform. Clara Health has created a platform for patients, by patients, that I believe will revolutionize the clinical trial experience.”

Clara Health helps you create engaging, patient-friendly listings that make the information every potential applicant needs easy to understand.

We handle all of the technical setup required to start providing patients with a simple workflow to screen for and enroll in your study.

Software that works for you, not the other way around.

Help more patients enroll using Clara Health

Patient-centric enrollment management saves you time and helps you never miss another eligible participant.

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