Is this study right for you?

• 18 years of age or older

• Be a patient or care partner of a patient who has had 

   a solid organ transplant or hematopoietic stem cell 

   transplant in the last 7 years 



Thank you for your interest in the Post-Transplant Experience Study: Understanding Patient and Care Partner Experience Post-Transplant with Quality of Life, CMV Symptom Management, Care Coordination and Patient Clinician Engagement in SOT and HSCT Patients. We are interested in gathering information about your transplant experience.

The study hopes to identify knowledge gaps about the transplant process, determine opportunities to better connect patients and clinicians, and understand the effects on quality of life and health for post-transplant patients like you!

How Can I Earn $175?

• $50 for participating in a webinar

• $50 for completing a questionnaire survey

• $75 for consenting to import your electronic medical 

   record to your patientslikeme profile

Your input brings the patient's voice to the center of transplant research!

We would love it if you would be willing to participate in this study where you will be asked about your care journey including the following information:

  • Health Background
  • Symptoms and Treatments
  • Communication With Your Healthcare Team
  • Overall Transplant and Experience

YOUR TIME IS VALUABLEThe more you participate, the more you earn!

You are eligible to receive Amazon gift cards depending on your level of participation in this study. Participating in all study elements means you are eligible to receive a total of $175.  

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